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In some cases, a tooth extraction becomes absolutely necessary. That can cause some patients to experience anxiety, but Maryam Nassiri, DDS, and her team at Vivo Dental in Antioch, California, make extractions simple, comfortable, and easy. Dr. Nassiri and her specialists perform in-office extractions, including wisdom teeth removals, with modern sedation methods, limiting discomfort and shortening procedure times. To find out more, call the office or book a consultation online today.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

Why do I need a tooth extraction? 

Permanent teeth are made to last your entire lifetime. However, sadly it doesn't always work out that way. In certain instances, you might need to have a tooth extracted. Dr. Nassiri may recommend a tooth extraction if your tooth is too severely fractured to keep in your mouth. Damaged teeth can actually harm surrounding teeth, leading to serious oral health concerns. 

Factors, such as decay, trauma, and lifestyle habits can all contribute to the need for having a tooth pulled. Extractions may be necessary for other reasons, including:

  • Risk of infection after a root canal
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Crowded, misshapen, crooked, or poorly spaced teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth 

The decision to perform a tooth extraction isn’t one that Dr. Nassiri and the Vivo Dental team take lightly. They’ll always exhaust all other options, attempting to save your permanent teeth, before recommending a tooth extraction. 

How does a tooth extraction work?

There are two types of extractions: a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. A simple extraction is performed on a tooth that is visible in your mouth. Both procedures involve the use of either a local or general anesthesia, which helps minimize pain and discomfort. 

During a simple extraction, one of Vivo Dental’s in-house specialists loosen the tooth with an instrument called an elevator and then gently remove it with dental forceps.

A surgical extraction is a more involved procedure. The tooth that’s being extracted may not have fully grown into your mouth. This is common with wisdom teeth. The tooth in question could also be broken off at the gumline. So, for surgical extractions, Dr. Nassiri makes a small incision in your gums to remove the tooth, oftentimes in sections. 

How soon can I expect to heal from a tooth extraction?

Based on how many teeth you had taken out and your individual condition, the initial healing period typically takes one to two weeks. 

It's possible you could have trouble chewing or experience other pain and discomfort as you recover, based on the invasiveness of your dental procedure. Dr. Nassiri will go over all aspects of your recovery with you, which may include prescribed pain medication, icing, and sticking to a diet of soft foods. If you’re still experiencing pain or discomfort after two weeks, let the office know. 

To schedule an extraction consultation with Dr. Nassiri, call the office or book an appointment online today.